Get on the right track with It's Mine Technology

There are times when you just have to know where something you value is. That's when you need a dependable tracking device that does not take a degree in computing to use.

It's Mine Technology has selected four tracking devices that we think will satisfy the vast majority of leisure, business and personal requirements. We have selected them for ease of use, reliability and competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Click on the links above to the Pathfinder, the Guardian, the Adventurer and the Dreadnought.

In addition we have had a live tracking server developed for us which can vastly add to the functionality of the trackers. Using the live tracker, for example we can send out alerts if a vehicle breaks down or is hijacked. The tracking server can also support most types of tracker in the marketplace so, even if you have not bought your trackers from ourselves we can still provide tracking services.

If you are interested in this service please email us at

It could also be used to monitor groups taking part in activities such as orienteering or Outward Bound type activities.

The trackers can also be very effective deterrents to crime and help recover lost property.

Every home should have one.

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