The Smart Tie

Smart Tie

With a Smart Tie®, you'll never forget your phone, lose your iPad or leave your laptop behind again. It's your very own personal security alarm.

Designed to be flexible for all kinds of situations. Click on the links above for just some of the applications for the Smart Tie.

The Smart Tie® is a little marvel of technology that makes a wireless link to any Bluetooth enabled device. If that link is broken, the SmartTie® will let you know.


Equipped with an 85 decibel siren, the Smart Tie® is programmed to activate if the device it's protecting is moved more than 10 metres away.

Attach it to a schoolbag, handbag, camera bag, sports bag or rucksack and it's like having a burglar alarm on your bag. Put the 'Protected by It's Mine Technology' label on the bag or an It's Mine tag on a handbag and a thief will think twice about trying to steal it.

If your bag does mysteriously goes for a walk, the person who took it will be right next to your SmartTie® when the alarm goes off, making them instantly identifiable as the bag thief. If you have customised the alarm you also immediately knowq it's yours.

It's also an un-losable 2Gb USB memory stick that will alarm if removed from a device it's paired with, which prevents that someone in your office, class or home from 'just borrowing' your flash drive!

Stand out from the Crowd - Choose your own ringtone

The alarm on the Smart Tie® is deliberately loud and piercing but if you want a softer reminder can change the alarm sound to the audio file of your choice, just like the ringtone on your mobile 'phone. And the SmartTie® even plays MP3s!

Close up detail of vibrate selector buttonKey Features:

  • 85db siren (Switchable)
  • Vibrate function (Switchable)
  • 2 Gb Memory
  • Use your own alarm or ringtone
  • USB Chargeable
  • Robust, functional design

Smartie close-up

Retail Price: £29.99 Inc. VAT (UK & ROI Only)

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