Our Ethics

What we believe in

Technology has allowed us to become ubiquitously connected in ways that we would've found difficult to imagine a decade ago.

But as technology evolves, so do our concerns for privacy. And as a Web 3.0 company, this is something that we take very seriously.

The products that are within the It's MINE Technology range are specifically intended for those who seek security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting their and their loved ones most valuable possessions.

It is not intended, nor do we promote, that the technology is used for casual or unauthorised surveillance, pranks or any use outside of its intended purpose.

In the instance of theft of personal effects protected with It's MINE Technology, we strongly recommend that the police / relevant local constabularies are contacted immediately to ensure the safe recovery of stolen goods.

In the interests of personal safety and to ensure the proper legal procedures are put in place, we strongly oppose vigilante action.